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Adventure in Odyssey Sampler CD: The Drop Box

SKU: F01497D


Whit and Eugene are far away from Whit’s End! In this new adventure, they meet a local pastor in South Korea whose home is overflowing with children. What on earth is going on? Why are women abandoning their babies? And how can Whit and Eugene help? Based on the amazing true story of Pastor Lee Jong-rak, “The Drop Box” will pull at your heartstrings as it celebrates one man’s courage and the value of each and every life.

This sampler also features 2 bonus episodes, “The Chosen One, Parts 1 & 2.” A runaway girl named Kelly arrives at Whit’s End. When her story comes out, the Washingtons are faced with a life-changing decision.

Adventures in Odyssey is exciting, values-based audio entertainment for the whole family—brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. So grab your imagination and find out why over 20 million Adventures in Odyssey products have been distributed worldwide.

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The Drop Box sampler

David Morgan| 2015-11-30 9:18:00

Both Stories in this sampler are well done. The first 'The Drop Box' about a Korean Pastor's sacrifice and efforts the save unwanted babies. This is a fictional story of the real story and is well done. The second feature in this sampler - The Chosen - also deals with real life issues in society the efforts and cost to help the child in need. I would recommend these for ages 8 and up. This was the 'Halloween Sampler' offering this year, and was good (as were the stories the previous years). Our church has been handing out the Audio CDs out as an outreach on Halloween night for 3 years now. Some of the kids come back for the CDs every year.

i would recommend AIO, but not this one..

anonymous| 2018-01-02 11:19:00

4 stars is a pretty good review.. However, there is a misquoted verse. They quote Jeremiah 29:11, but then say the quote was Jeremiah 29:12. Not a big deal, unless your kids requote the mistake.. I've sent an email out before Christmas about this, but haven't heard anything, I called asking for a refund, they couldn't give it to me. So as of right now I won't be buying another AIO product.. my first purchase had a mistake, what's to say there aren't others? Much love, hope this gets resolved.

adventures in odyssey is a favorite.

Joyce| 2024-01-21 8:21

I love Adventures in Odyssey and so do my grandkids. However, I do find a lot of the resources to be expensive, so can only order specific less expensive items.