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Adventures in Odyssey #72: The Long Road Home

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In The Long Road Home, album #72 of the series, important lessons are learned about friendship, family, and judging others.

“Have you ever considered that Mr. John Avery Whittaker has his own agenda?” Olivia has a new friend in her life. He’s smart, interesting, and just so talkative. Will his influence, and Olivia’s own desire to settle some scores, ruin her friendships with Zoe and the gang at Whit’s End? Will his devious comments convince Olivia to abandon her faith?

Meanwhile, Buck and Jules discover that Buck’s father left behind a lot more than could ever have been suspected. Could the map help him determine what is next for his life? Because he’s beginning to wonder if he really wants to be in a family with Eugene and Katrina. Elsewhere in Odyssey, Bridgett Perkins learns a good lesson about judging others when she feels that her own life is under the microscope.

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72 The Long Roads Home

Mary Downey| 2022-05-09 8:59

I thought it was very good. I will share with my kids and grandkids.


Alesha| 2022-05-19 17:52

Tackled honest issues. I was moved to tears more then once. Listen with your children the first few tackle a big issue!

LOVE this product!

Amy| 2022-05-30 10:44

Another great album of Adventures in Odyssey!

Another good one!

Toni| 2022-10-24 6:07

My husband and I both grew up on Odyssey and now are playing it for our young boys. This album had me in tears, as Olivia’s experiences hit me personally. We will miss Will Ryan’s contribution as Eugene but this was a good album to experience more of his God-given gifts!