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Adventures in Odyssey Albums 1-5 Value Pack

SKU: F01698K


Build your Odyssey collection the budget-friendly way, with our value packs! Stock up on rollicking adventures that keep kids happy mile after mile, hour after hour, and spark great conversations about faith too! Over 20 hours of listening time!

Pack includes - 

#1 The Adventure Begins - Let The Fun Begin! -- Relive the very first episode, learn the real story behind Whit's End, and find out why Connie couldn't wait to leave Odyssey the moment she arrived. Be sure your Odyssey collection includes this foundational album.

#2 The Wildest Summer Ever - usually sunny Odyssey is about to get hit by a downpour of disasters. From a violent tornado to a turbulent voyage with Jonah, anything’s possible in this little town. Will Connie, Jack, Lucy, and the Barclays be able to ride out the storms? One thing is certain. The climate in Odyssey is always right for learning priceless lessons, through rain or shine.

#3 Heroes - rumour has it that the new family in town is connected to the Mafia, Odyssey Elementary School is troubled with bullies, and Lucy struggles with telling a secret she vowed to keep. With a little prodding from Mr. Whitaker, they learn how God can help them deal with anything.

#4 FUNdamentals - kids often sort out their questions about faith at Whit's End. Like the true story of an eccentric man who builds the world's biggest floating zoo — in faith. Or a daring trip through the "Gloomy Woods" that leads to a radical lesson about obedience. Or being arrested for something you didn't do as a result of the wrong company. The basic lessons learned (or sometimes relearned) are always fun and exciting!

#5 Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes - evil has a name . . . and it goes by Dr. Regis Blackgaard. Though it looks like the bad guys are winning, right overcomes might in the end. Listeners of all ages will learn about making smart choices and having integrity, even in the face of danger.


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Good teaching.

Lisa| 2020-10-29 13:32

My kids love listening to AO every day. And later things they learned come up in conversation. It's so much better entertainment than Walt Disney movies.

Great lessons for adults as well as children, teens,... every age!!

Jean| 2020-12-20 19:46

I have always loved Adv. in Odyssey.. My four boys when they were young always listened to them... I gave all my old tapes away... Now I have to start recollecting them for my nephews, nieces..and preparing when I have grandchildren. As an adult... I lov e to listen to them myself!!

CDs for Christmas

Liz N.| 2020-12-26 17:34

I've enjoyed AIO for decades with my own kids...now purchased for grandkids.

Life lessons!

Ann| 2021-01-06 18:33

Excellent CD's. The kids love them and all the while they are receiving great teaching.


MARK| 2021-04-01 9:25

On our long road trips from Vancouver, BC to campgrounds throughout Washington, Oregon & BC my daughters were introduced to Adventures in Odyssey. They loved to listen to them & they served as significant moments to dialogue about the moral & spiritual issues that emerged in each episode. I wish I could relive those moments as time passes so quickly, so I've decided to send them to my grandchildren in the hope they will benefit from them as much as their Mom did.

9 year old boy loves Odessy!!!

JO| 2021-04-09 20:46

My 9 year old nephew was given a few Odessey tapes & loved them - I have no children - so I phoned & bought the pkg. I have listened to them over the years & they are excellent. My nephew thinks they are the BEST!!! I have listened to Focus since 1980's. So Good! I am alone now & listen to programs not about marriage specifically. I love Christian radio & listen on 630am KCIS & 820am The Word. Woman on phone was so loving & kind & helpful! Thank you all.


Janet| 2021-06-05 7:17

My nine year old son is enjoying these stories so much. I like how they bring the Bible to life.

Adventures in Odyssey

Nancy| 2021-07-25 10:56

This is a gift for my grandchildren. They have started to listen to the first few and absolutely love them.

Better than screens!

Carol| 2021-08-11 16:55

My kids loved Adventures in Odyssey … now I’m buying them for my grandchildren. Wholesome values, engaging, and character education!

Adventures in Odyssey

ShuShu| 2022-04-24 14:45

I used to listen to adventures and odyssey when I was a kid. I am beyond happy with my the CD's.


Rod E Conrad| 2023-01-13 15:19

I wish I could explain how much value your AIO cds have done to my grandson. He turns 5 in a week, has autism but is highly intellectual. He has already listened to 2 complete sets. He talks about Whit, Connie and many other characters in the series. I would love to purchase 3 more "sets of 5" AIO cds if it was possible to purchase them at a similar price. My daughter and her husband are thrilled how excited "Max" is at listening to the cds at bedtime. THANKS SO MUCH for the wonderful value they have brought to our autistic grandson.

Well worth the money and value packed!!!

Gloria| 2023-11-17 18:57

These are excellent CD’s! Reaches a wide range from about 5+! In fact our girls are grown and still listen to them before bed and their children are now excited to listen to and receive them!

Can you imagine

Charles Hotke| 2024-01-08 17:50

I have to confess, we purchased the album set to give for Christmas, but at the last minute my wife decided to give it as a birthday gift. The birthday is in Sept. We really enjoy all the Adventures in Odyssey. Our kids grew up on them. I believe at times Mom and Dad got more out of them then the kids. Blessings and have a great day.