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Adventures in Odyssey Albums 56-60 Value Pack

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Build your Odyssey collection the budget-friendly way, with our value packs! Stock up on rollicking adventures that keep kids happy mile after mile, hour after hour, and spark great conversations about faith too!

#56 The Grand Design - It seems like everyone in Odyssey is looking for something. As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy. Penny goes hunting for happiness, but her search makes her miserable. And Jay must figure out a strange program in the Room of Consequence that could lead to an unwanted ending. Through his inventions and wise counsel, Whit guides the folks in Odyssey along the right path.

#57 A Call to Something More - Life is full of surprises—some that are welcome, some that aren't. A trip in the Imagination Station is usually fun, but three generations from the Parker family are surprised to find that it can be life-changing, too. And who doesn't love the circus, especially when it involves solving a mystery behind sabotage and betrayal? And Connie’s life is turned upside-down by an unexpected phone call, triggering major changes for everyone around her. 

#58 The Ties That Bind - Who knew that two events could trigger so much drama in Odyssey? Wooton’s announcement about a family of detectives leads to suspicion and intrigue. Whit’s challenge of some popular ideas causes a difficult tug-of-war between conviction and compromise. And the surprise arrival of a few friends and former adversaries creates the perfect blend of excitement, comedy, and important life lessons for everyone.

#59 Taking the Plunge - In the all-new album, Taking the Plunge, your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters are faced with life decisions and hard lessons.

#60 Head Over Heels - In the world of Odyssey, life’s issues rarely come together without a hitch. For Penny and Wooton, the answer to a marriage proposal leads to even more questions. Will Wooton meet with Penny’s family’s approval? And will Penny believe the best about Wooton even after the evidence seems to pile up against him? Meanwhile, others in town are asking questions of their own.

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Amazing Character Building CDs

Elizabeth| 2022-09-12 9:43

My kids love these CD's. They listen while playing lego for HOURS!! They also have a portable CD player and listen to them on their long bus ride.

From generation to generation🙏❤️

janice| 2024-03-07 17:22

Have been listening to Odessey for over 37 years , first with my two children and now I have the pleasure of introducing Odessey to my grandsons, since the oldest was 5,and who now is 13, the youngest is 11.