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Adventures in Odyssey The Blackgaard Chronicles: 4 Book set

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Follow the ever-twisting schemes of diabolical Regis Blackgaard in this book series. 

Book #1 - A conniving city councilman is secretly carrying out plans against John Avery Whitaker and Whit's End. Meanwhile, Eugene and Connie tamper with a top-secret computer room - and the destructive Applesauce program is unleashed. Can Whit counter the forces opposing him? What does Dr. Blackgaard really want? 

Book #2 - Petty thief and con artist Richard Maxwell joins forces with the diabolical Dr. Regis Blackgaard to rain down more trouble on the town of Odyssey. 

Book #3 -  The evil Dr. Regis Blackgaard continues to scheme through his henchmen to gain access to Whit’s End and the Applesauce program. One underling, Richard Maxwell, seeks to corrupt Whit’s young friends and even becomes an arsonist. Can Whit and the cause of good prevail?

Book #4 - The scheming Dr. Regis Blackgaard continues his fevered pursuit of the Applesauce program and access to Whit’s End. This time, assisted once again by Richard Maxwell, he recruits one of John Avery Whittaker’s young friends, who pays a high price for her gullibility. 

4 hardcover books

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Thank you

Lauralee| 2020-09-24 16:38

Great books!!

love it!

E.M.P| 2022-03-14 8:24

this was a great series and I'm excited for the next book(s)!