Finishing Well

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With the average life expectancy in America increasing during the last century from roughly 50 years of age to around 80, we have an opportunity to meaningfully live out additional decades previously unavailable to many. Finishing Well, by John Goodale, extends an invitation to make the most of the years still before you. The book explores fourteen biblical stories, offering personal reflection questions and application. From leaving behind a legacy to cultivating gratitude, you'll discover practical steps for living out the final third of your life. Filled with stories and humor, readers will find Finishing Well stimulating and easy to read.

216 pages

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A great resource for retired or nearly retired folk.

Ron| 2022-12-13 6:11

Well written and an easy read. Found it very enjoyable.

Great book for inspiring seniors to resist complacency in their lives.

Patricia| 2024-02-01 11:16

I am using the book as a foundation in a discussion group and Bible Study. Thought provoking and very helpful in bringing important ideas .