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Hello, Little Dreamer for Little Ones

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Beloved children's author and talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford inspires children to follow God's dreams for them in Hello, Little Dreamer. Each child has dreams to discover over their lifetime, and Hello, Little Dreamer helps families celebrate each child's God-given purpose in the world.

Children glow with joy and a sense of security when they know God made them for a purpose. Four-time Emmy Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford reminds her young readers that God has been dreaming for them since even before they were born. Some dreams reveal themselves quickly while others take time to develop, but each dream adds to the beautiful picture of who a child is becoming.

With a bright, decorative cover and wonder-filled illustrations from Anita Schmidt, Hello, Little Dreamer helps children rest in God's love for them. This is an ideal book to give little ones for birthdays, adoption parties, or other special occasions such as preschool or kindergarten graduation. With its affirming, biblically based words, Hello, Little Dreamer will encourage any child to trust that they have an amazing role in God's story.

26 pages

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Hello Little Dreamer

Angelina| 2020-12-15 9:34

This was purchased as a gift for my 2yr old niece. I read through it first and would highly recommend. It is beautifully written and illustrated.

A book to read again and again.

Margot| 2021-01-01 17:30

A beautiful board book that features children of all nationalities and encourages them to follow their God-given dreams. It could even be given to a much older "child"... high school!... because of the timeless truth.

Very sweet!

Kaela| 2021-09-08 18:47

We got this for our little girl’s first birthday. I love it! It is a sweet story with illustrations my kids love!

Good idea, but questionable wording

Mak| 2022-06-09 18:48

Illustrations are nice! I think the idea of book is pleasant: children being given unique likes by God to serve a purpose. But some of the wording is questionable. Stating that God is a dreamer too. And a few other things.