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Imagine the God of Heaven

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Millions of people around the world have reported a near-death experience. Do they prove the existence of a loving God?

Never in history, until now, have we been able to hear from so many people around the world who have been brought back from clinical death. Modern medical resuscitation and digital communication have revealed a goldmine of intriguing near-death experiences (NDEs) that show us the character of God. John Burke has spent the last three decades studying the commonalities of more than 1000 NDEs. His investigative journey started as a skeptical agnostic, when his own father was dying from cancer. When he first read these eyewitness accounts, he couldn’t help asking himself: “Could this be real evidence--even possible proof of God’s existence?”
In this book, you will discover:
-Analysis of 1000+ near-death experiences and how they reveal the wondrous attributes of God and correlate with the Bible
-Follow up research to Burke’s exploration of the afterlife, Imagine -Heaven, a New York Times best-seller of over 1 million copies
-True stories from nearly 70 people from every continent who have died, been resuscitated, and now testify to having been more alive than ever in the presence of a loving God they never wanted to leave
-People of all ethnicities and backgrounds—including doctors, engineers, and CEO—experience the same God.

John Burke unveils the love story and characteristics of this God of all nations, revealed throughout history and in Scripture, now illustrated by these thrilling encounters. You will realize God’s love, power, compassion, friendship, and guidance are closer than you could ever imagine. And for such a time as this, people need to know a loving God is within their reach.

320 pages

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Excellent book

Marilyn Wilk| 2023-12-08 16:39

It was excellent. I gave it to s friend who is searching

Did these NDE'ers all really see God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Heaven?

Lionel Gauk| 2024-01-01 12:09

Hello! Gosh, I sure hope all the NDE stories John Burke writes about are all true. I know he has lots of scripture mentioned, but I can't really tell if I should believe all the accounts.

Exceptional Read

Vicky Aruwa| 2024-01-14 14:52

I almost could not put down the book. Well researched material with great depth of understanding of the Word of God.