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What is family? And does family still matter in today's society? Tim Sisarich's search for answers is both a riveting documentary and an intensely personal story, culminating in Tim's unexpected encounter with God's grace. A message of hope and redemption that makes a great gift for any family - no matter how imperfect.

English, French and Spanish sub-titles available on this DVD. 

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Approx 104 minutes

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  • SERIESThe Family Project
  • ISBN9781941605059
  • ITEM CODEF01452V
  • PUBLISHERFocus on the Family
  • AUDIENCEAges 15 & Up

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you must experience this

Pete L| 2014-05-09 11:33:00

A simply incredible film that must be experienced...i don't think words can do it justice but trust that it will challenge you intellectually and spiritually.


B Ragan| 2014-05-13 6:13:00

I went to see Irreplaceable and was overwhelmed with tthankfulness…Thank you, Lord, that you have made a way for the family to be proclaimed as 'irreplaceable' … in a world-class, cinematic fashion that hopefully catches the eye of viewers from many perspectives…and challenges us all to think about the importance of family in building healthy individuals and strong societies! Thank you Focus for the priceless work you do!!

Great Documentary- Totally Relevant

Clarence| 2014-05-15 9:44:00

I'm a high school educator and husband with no kids. I see students with no fathers or mothers and it is deeply saddening to see the impact of this. FAMILY IS IMPORTANT. It all starts with FAMILY and VALUES and MORALS education. It's sad to say but TV shows like SIMPSONS and MODERN FAMILY is what's teaching our kids about what family is. So if this is where kids get their idea of family from, this is what will be produced. This documentary opens our eyes to what family is all about. I recommend it 100%

GOD - beginning to end!!!

Henry and Nancy H.| 2014-05-11 13:55:00

A resounding A-MEN to the first two reviewers. This was God ordained from start to finish and words cannot describe it - we only weep every time we try... the Lord took control of this filming throughout! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! A 'MUST SEE' for every man, woman and child - in every walk of life - around the GLOBE! We are in a CRISIS and FAMILY MATTERS - GOD'S WAY!

Great Movie!!

Kirsten| 2014-06-04 9:05:00

It is a worthwhile watch! You will not be disappointed. A must see for anyone!

Family is irreplaceable

Roy| 2014-06-05 11:59:00

Thought-provoking. Challenging. Not for the weak of heart. You want to build a strong society? Build strong families.


anonymous| 2014-05-28 19:12:00

This documentary was truly great. From a student studying in the social sciences, much of what they talk about in this is part of many things I am learning in classes. It is beautiful how this film has brought a great impact to not only people who are married, but also to single people like myself! Highly reccomend! It encourages and also makes you ask important questions about the way you live and value things! Love, love.

Very very worthy use of time indoors

Cris Marincat - | 2014-06-05 12:01:00

This was one of the best movies I've seen in theatres in the sense that it was the most meaningful. Went with most of the family the first time. Im excited for as many of my teenage nieces and nephews to see this. Have also told many of the players I coach about this movie. Its a great opportunity to consider and discuss their values, whats important to them and why.

Family Values

Charlie Lapointe| 2014-09-09 13:53:00

I don't own this movie but I just watched the trailer and if I Had the chance I would buy it It touched my heart cause to me who is a father I believe that children our angels sent from above and everyday the devil tires to hurt those little angels and there families. Family is very important to me


anonymous| 2014-10-16 13:56:00

This movie clearly points out the importance of the family as the most important building block of society. I truly believe that we could improve our world if fathers would be there to bring up their kids.


Mur Meldrum| 2014-10-18 12:48:00

We saw this movie with another couple and it resonated so strongly with all of us that we decided to share it with our community. We are lost as a society without strong family values.

Very well researched and informative

Heather| 2014-11-23 18:31:00

This is such important information for our society today. We have gone so far off track. It was very revealing when he went to the prison to ask what prisoners think is wrong with the family. Also the session on hooking up shows how far society has sunk.

Essential for Christians

Mary - | 2014-11-24 9:55:00

Watching this movie with my husband it brought home to us how far our current society has drifted away from Christian values. I have just ordered the movie and want our children and grandchildren to fully realize how important the value of the family with Christian morals is. Thank you for making this movie available!

best ever

anonymous| 2014-11-25 21:52:00

I was blind but now I can truly see thank u p. s. send our government officials this dvd !


Michael| 2015-04-06 18:52:00

I gave this a 4 STAR because one component of the video had a prolonged section of visual sexual content that seemed to be a bit much-the same could have been communicated without the amount they put in. I walked away from the film challenged and encouraged to continue in my family/fatherhood values. It was really well done and I'd recommend it to others, with the caution of some of the imagery.

Hope for families

Rosella| 2020-11-04 17:23

Excellent documentary that discusses the battle many families and individuals experience. We all need to work through the ‘baggage’ of what life has delivered. Purchased for our church library.