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Adventures in Odyssey Video #1: The Knight Travellers

SKU: F01380V


A daring rescue! A voyage through time! A medieval joust . . . just another day in the town of Odyssey. Young Dylan Taylor gets more adventure than he bargained for when he saves a mangy mutt named Sherman—and winds up in the company of the remarkable John Avery Whittaker (“Whit”). They set out to retrieve Whit’s Imagination Station, an amazing one-of-a-kind invention that allows kids to see historic events firsthand. The diabolical Faustus and his henchmen have stolen the Imagination Station for their own evil purposes—to change it into a Manipulation Station! In this exciting story, a young boy makes an unforgettable discovery about what is truly important in life . . . But is it too late to stop Faustus?

DVD #1 in the Adventures in Odyssey DVD series

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Approx 30 minutes

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Shantelle| 2015-12-29 6:47:00

First of all for that kind of money there should've been more to it. My kids were very disappointed that it was so short. Second it didn't coincide with the CD series at all. Eugene NEVER called Whit by his nickname. Overall I'm very angry at the deceit that is your description of this "film". I will NEVER order another product from here again.

Great movie

G| 2023-12-03 14:50

Very good