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Last Chance Detectives Books 1-6 Value Pack

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Mike's search for answers about his missing father leads Mike and his friends into mysteries involving strange apparitions, mythical beasts and dangers they could never have imagined. 

Canyon Quest #1 - A dry, forsaken blip on the edge of civilization. That’s what Mike Fowler thinks of the little town of Ambrosia in the Arizona desert. He has no friends, no fun, and no answers to the agonizing disappearance of his dad in a top-secret military mission. But that could all change after Mike stumbles onto his dad’s puzzling journal in the old B-17 out back. 

Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa #2 - At the edge of a small desert town, where a B-17 sits next to an old diner, a mystery has begun to unfold. At first it was just a strange voice on an old radio. Then there’s a robbery at the Ambrosia cultural museum—priceless Aztec relics are stolen. And Ben has an encounter in the desert that can only be described as out-of-this-world. When mystery lights begin to appear in Navajo Mesa, the local sheriff grows strangely silent about it all. 

Legend of the Desert Bigfoot #3 - It travels only at night. It stands three feet taller than the average human. It wields incredible strength. It’s been called Sasquatch, Yeti, Orange Eyes, Mud Monster . . . Bigfoot . . . and the people of Ambrosia believe it’s only a legend. Until now! 

Escape from Fire Lake #4 - Will Mike find his way out before he runs out of water? Winnie, Ben, and Spence have just found Mike’s compass in the dirt at an old abandoned motel in town. And worse, the empty getaway car from yesterday’s bank robbery is sitting in the motel’s courtyard. 

Terror from Outer Space #5 - Memories of Mike’s dad resurface when a space shuttle mission goes bad and the family of the pilot witness the shocking disaster in the desert skies above Ambrosia. Will Mike ever discover the truth about his dad’s plane crash in the Middle East? Why won’t God answer his prayers?

Revenge of the Phantom Hot Rod #6 - readers learn about forgiveness and self-sacrifice, while the main characters learn the hard way how to overcome their emotions and work together to help others—including those who have wronged them.

6 paperback books

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