Live Fearless

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Written for teens by a teenager who has trekked through these relatable struggles, Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson, shows readers how God's plans begin with freedom and only get better. Despite being more connected than any prior generation via technology and social media, today's young people often feel more isolated and anxious than ever before. As they come of age in an uncertain world full of scary headlines and mixed messages, Sadie's story of overcoming fear and anxiety offers hope. Through personal stories, practical insights, and creative solutions, Sadie marks a path toward freedom from fear, anxiety, and comparison. 
224 pages

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Mackenzie| 2021-01-18 6:50

Amazing! One ofthe best books i've read in my life! so inspiring...


Gloria| 2021-02-24 17:58

Thought the content was too old for a 14 yr old . Also too many references to Dancing with the Stars . Will wait a year or to to give it to her .