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Living In Color, 2nd Edition

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Living in Color is a post-abortion recovery and healing program designed for use by a small, facilitator-led support group. However, it is equally suitable for a person making her recovery journey alone, or in the company of a mentor, pastor or counselor. A Living in Color Facilitator's Guide is available for those leading support groups from www.pregcare.com. Dr Theresa Burke coined the phrase "forbidden grief" to describe the sadness and pain felt by many women following their abortion decision. This pain is seldom confined to the loss of a child: many also lose relationships, self-worth, and hope for the future. These losses must be grieved and, as with all grieving journeys, this involves processing emotional responses such as relief, denial, guilt, shame, depression, anger, and forgiveness. The post-abortive woman also needs to allow herself to "know" her child in order to say "goodbye for now." Having processed her grief, it is important to pay attention to what comes next. Many women discover that their healing journeys teach them many life lessons that contribute to increased strength of character, wisdom, vision, and hope. The final chapter of the program celebrates the process of emerging from the "grey zone" of unresolved loss into a life of color, freedom, and joy.
198 pages

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Life changer!

anonymous| 2014-09-13 12:14:00

I did this study along with a counselor at a pregnancy care center. The book changed my life! It addresses the before, the decision, and all of the layers of the after, even if you don't experience them until years later - anger, forgiveness, grief, numbness - and walks through the process of giving the child an identity so that you can say hello and goodbye and give your baby back to God. If you are struggling to believe that God can forgive even this (or to forgive someone else in your life) or to find your place in God's arms, this book will save your life.

Life changing

Sue| 2020-08-13 8:14

This is a life changing course. I have seen lives saved and changed and healing happen in a short 8 - 10 weeks with this book. This book is such a gift to clients. I have witnessed clients come in so broken at the beginning and working through this course, they have reunited with parents and family, understood God's forgiveness leading to their own forgiveness and wholeness. I have witnessed lives restored.


Anonymous| 2021-06-20 21:10

Excellent. This book is a gift to women who are in a post abortive situation. Highly recommend.