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The Beginner's Bible 4 book set

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In David and the Giant When David steps up to fight the giant Goliath, no one thinks he will win. But David has God on his side. And if God is there for this young shepherd boy—who will one day be the great King David—who could be against?

In Jonah and the Giant Fish, God tells his prophet Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell the people to stop sinning, so Jonah runs away. But when a big fish swallows Jonah during a storm, he knows it is time to tell God he is sorry and get to Nineveh to do his job!

In Queen Esther Saves Her People Esther has become the queen of Persia, but God has a bigger job for Esther than just being queen. The safety of God's people rests in her hands. Can Esther find the courage to help save her people from Haman's evil plan?

In Jesus Saves the World highlights the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, from his birth to his resurrection. This simple, faithful retelling of the life of Jesus is perfect for young readers.

4 paperback books

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