Torn Asunder

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Marital infidelity is rampant, even within the church. If you or somebody you love has been hurt, here's help! In their updated resource, Carder and Jaenicke help you understand extramarital affairs and sexual addiction; deal with the betrayal and subsequent anger; heal the wounds; and rebuild trust.
288 pages

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anonymous| 2015-07-12 8:54:00

It will give you the language....I was hit so hard after I discovered my husband's infidelity that this book gave me some clarity. I didn't feel like it gave me hope. Infidelity is one hundred percent the betrayers fault! This book pointed the finger at me for it. Marriage is 50/ affair is 100% their fault. My husband could have worked on our marriage. I could have worked on our marriage. Once a person starts to lie, the relationship changes. They have changed it...NOT you.