Why Family Matters

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We live in a world where it's easier to get out of a 30-year marriage than a two-week-old cell phone contract. With divorce rampant, young people think living together is safer than marriage. Our kids have friends who live with Mom one weekend and Dad the next. In such a time of family brokenness, how should we respond? Focus on the Family has been guiding families for over 30 years through loving counsel and biblical truth. In order to champion God's design of the family, we have also become a student of marriage and parenting, researching the latest trends and data. Now we have brought our conclusions to you.

Featuring forewards by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family US and Terrance Rolston, former President of Focus on the Family Canada. Why Family Matters will help you understand how modern sociological research supports the ancient institution of marriage and family. These findings will inspire you and others to champion the family as God intended it to be.

112 pages
112 pages

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A much needed read

Patrick S| 2021-07-06 4:53

My wife and I have been together for 14 years and I realized that after reading this book (it's a quick and simple read) that a lot of what is in here is why we're still together. Christ is at the centre of our marriage and our family. I'm one of the lucky ones in our current culture. I sometimes sit back and reflect why Jim down the road is cheating on his beautiful wife, or why Suzy up the street is not happy in her marriage. The reason I believe is that the values they've absorbed from our current culture has not given them a solid foundational structure for family life. What is at the centre of their marriage? It isn't love! It's consumerism, lust, envy and the list goes on. This book is a must have newlyweds even for those that have been sucked into the current culture and think that family doesn't matter. There's a lot of wholesome teaching in this book and a great way to explain to your neighbours why your marriage is solid as a rock.