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A Former Abortionist's Journey to Becoming Pro-Life I-II

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As a doctor, Dr. Anthony Levatino performed thousands of abortions, viewing the termination of a pregnancy as a necessary, everyday occurrence. His wife, Cecelia, however, held strong pro-life beliefs, but was afraid that speaking up against her husband’s profession would ruin their marriage. One day, a horrible family tragedy forced their pro-choice and pro-life views into the open, threatening their marriage and changing the way Dr. Levatino viewed abortion forever. In this two-day Focus on the Family broadcast, hear the Levatino’s powerful story of life transformation, and be reminded of the amazing grace that’s available to us all through Jesus.

PG Warning - The content of this broadcast may not be suitable for young listeners 

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What you never dreamed about abortion!

Emily| 2020-12-24 21:12

One of the best testimonies i have ever heard about a former abortionist...loved how his patient quietly witnessed to him every time she came in as his patient. It has given me the courage to do the same!