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Adventures in Odyssey Albums 21-25 Value Pack

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Build your Odyssey collection the budget-friendly way, with our value packs! Stock up on rollicking adventures that keep kids happy mile after mile, hour after hour, and spark great conversations about faith too! Over 20 hours of listening time!

#21 Wish You Were Here - Eugene and Bernard are unlikely travel mates as they journey from Odyssey to California. Meanwhile, Whit is given an exciting opportunity in the Middle East, Jimmy goes to basketball camp and a mysterious talking chicken comes to Kids' Radio.

#22 The Changing Times - Odyssey seems full of change these days as Tom Riley runs for mayor, George Barclay and his family discover the difficulties of preparing for the ministry, Jason Whittaker arrives amidst international intrigue and Jack uncovers a strange code book in Whit's workshop.

#23 Twists and Turns - Life can be a bit like a roller coaster—you just never know what’s around the next bend! The folks in Odyssey, young and old alike, are learning some very important things lately: being responsible for yourself, accepting and understanding others, and being a friend even when it isn’t easy.

#24 Risks and Rewards - "Take a chance!" "Go for it!" "You never know unless you try!" Bet you've heard those expressions before--and how true they are! As sure as God has a plan for each of us, it's tough sometimes to see just how everything will fit together. But when we take a step of faith and trust His leading, we may find that what looks risky often yields the greatest rewards. The Odyssey gang has had its share of challenges too, and they've made some life-changing discoveries. From a desperate flight for freedom to respecting authority to accepting God's will, you won't want to miss a single story!

#25 Darkness Before Dawn - An unprecedented wave of criminal activity has broken over the town, and its citizens are stunned. Thefts, broken windows, graffiti—who on earth is behind this outbreak of lawlessness? 

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Love Odyssey

Christine Davies| 2020-09-16 18:14

Our family absolutely loves the Odyssey stories. We loved the sale that you had over the summer which expired August 31 and we bought quite a few of the CDs via this sale opportunity.

Great value for hours of fun!!

Angie| 2020-11-23 16:54

The value is great for on the road listening. All my kids love listening to each episode over and over again. We have also found it helpful for continuing conversations around difficult subject matter. Such a valuable asset to leading our children in righteousness.

Multi-generational love for Odyssey

Dale| 2021-11-04 6:44

Our whole family loves Odyssey. Our sons were raised on Odyssey and now our granddaughters look forward to drives to school so they can listen to Odyssey. We believe Odyssey helped one granddaughter overcome some fears.

Year-round giving!

Ann| 2024-01-15 5:54

My kids love the AIO stories. We're a little late to the game, so still early in the series, but these value packs are such a blessing. We love them for car rides where we only have a CD player. The sound quality is excellent. I buy a value pack around Christmas and give them throughout the year as gifts to my daughters. They are always received with joy! And I love that it's more affordable than buying and shipping them individually.