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Devotions for Super Average Kids, Books #1 & #2

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Super Average Boy, a favourite in Clubhouse magazine, is back with 30 hilarious new devotions! Between skunk encounters and eyebrow scorchings, he helps boys and girls deal with pressures like homework, peer conflict and more.

2 paperbacks

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We need more of these books!

Shawna| 2021-01-03 5:15

I have an 11 year old (almost 12), and this book has her howling! It's the first book in a long time that she reads out loud to me, and excitedly tells me "Did you know...?" We gave this to her for Christmas. It's January 3rd and she's almost done. She has researched how to get book #2. We haven't yet told her we already purchased it for her for her birthday. This will be a very welcomed surprise. As a parent I love how Average Boy is able to get across really important messages about God, the world, how we work, and what we need as healthy human beings, in a humorous way that keeps the attention of my 11 year old, and even our ever-listening 5 year old! Thank you, Average Boy!!!

Learning lessons from God

Mary-Lou Maclean| 2021-02-12 3:00

We love these books and use them as devotionals in the morning. My son is only 10 so a few stories are irrelevant however 95% of them are great. We look up al the verses and this has helped him to know is Bible and read our loud better (he has a learning disability). We are excited to learn lessons from God in the morning!

Just Great

Amy| 2021-09-24 18:22

We love these books. They are so fun and our kids love doing these devotions.