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Goldtown Beginnings Books 1-3

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At the peak of the Californian gold rush, young Jem has his hands full as he deals with bullies, false accusations and more. It's history, mystery and a whole lot of fun!

In Jem Strikes Gold, Jem Coulter's family is trying to make a go of it in Goldtown, with Pa panning for gold and Mama baking pies and washing laundry to make ends meet. Jem and his little sister Ellie do everything they can to help out. But it's hard to help when Will Sterling, a rich boy with a mean streak, picks on Jem every time he runs errands for Mama. When Will's antics end up ruining the pies, Jem's had enough. No pies means no money for the whole family! How can he get Will to stop?

In Jem's Frog Fiasco, Jem needs to buy food for his dog, Gold Nugget. But try as he may, his panning just never leads to gold. When he asks for a job, Mr. Sims, the cafe owner, sends him out to catch bullfrogs for the menu. Money and frog catching---what a great solution for this active boy! But Nugget and Jem's little sister Ellie get in the way and ruin his plans. When he argues with Ellie, she stomps off in a huff, and Jem can get back to work. He heads home with a bucket full of frogs and the knowledge that he'll have plenty of cash for Nugget's food.

In Jem Digs Up Trouble, Jem can't wait for school to be over---is there anything more boring than class when you can be outside? When rich boy Will brings a coin collection to school, it's an exciting treat for the kids---it's not often that the students get to see all that interesting money in one place! But when a silver dollar goes missing, Jem gets blamed! Will Jem figure out who the real thief is?

3 paperback books


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Great new series for a young reader.

Catherine| 2021-04-10 15:30

An easy and interesting read for a grade two reader.

So interesting

Parent| 2021-04-29 12:16

The books are so interesting that you do not want to stop at book one. Kids relate to the story of brother and sister.