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How You Are Changing: Girls 9-11, revised

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The changes that preteens experience can be very stressful. This book, the third in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for girls, explains to 9- to 11-year-olds that these changes are normal and are a part of God's perfect, unfolding plan for their growth and development. God knows His children and is with them every step of the way!

  • Completely new, contemporary images
  • Easier to follow structure, with shorter sections and highlighted main points
  • New, age-appropriate prayers
  • Increased emphasis on personal hygiene and health
  • More-comprehensive (yet sensitive) description of the onset of puberty
  • Now confronts the issues of pornography and Internet dangers children may encounter
  • Strongly affirms Jesus' love for us and that He is our Savior
64 pages

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Good content not done quite right

Karen| 2022-04-14 7:21

This is not the best resource for a 9-11 year old. While the content is good, there is way to much reading in it for them. This is not an accessible, child-friendly book.

Parent Resource

A| 2023-07-15 9:05

This book is for the parent to help lead their child. It’s not for you to hand to your child.