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Otter B Books 1-12 Value Pack

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Otter learns some important lessons about biblical character in this 12 book set.

Otter B Honest - Otter breaks his father’s watch while playing pirates with his friend. After trying to hide the broken watch from his father, he learns that honesty is best.

Otter B Kind - Otter is upset when his friend Franklin the frog can’t play with him because he’s sick.

Otter B Brave - Otter is afraid to do show-and-tell at school. After Otter’s dad tells him that God gives us friends to help us be less afraid.

Otter B Helpful - Otter learns to be helpful when his grandparents come for a visit.

Otter B Taking Turns - Otter learns to take turns with his friends at the playground.

Otter B Trustworthy - when Otter doesn't put back his parents' things like he promised, they get wet in the rain. He learns what it means to be trustworthy.

Otter B Joyful - Otter B doesn’t think his role as a shepherd in the Christmas play is so great. But Otter B’s disappointment vanishes as he becomes a modern-day shepherd and makes a special Christmas delivery!

Otter B Hopeful - Otter B and his friends plant a garden and discover a bird’s nest with three eggs in it. When the garden doesn’t grow and the eggs don’t hatch right away, Otter B grows discouraged. Mama reminds Otter B about the story of Easter.

Otter B Free - Otter B and his friends are practicing for the Fourth of July Field Day when they learn that Felicia the fox broke her leg and won’t be able to compete. At first Otter B is excited by his chances at winning the Field Day trophy, but a conversation with Daddy about our God-given freedoms gives Otter B an idea.

Otter B Thankful - Otter B’s friend Franklin takes a trip to the Race Car Museum, and Tabitha gets a new scooter—but instead of being happy for them, Otter B is jealous.

Otter B Forgiving - Otter B’s friend Roscoe accidentally wrecks Otter B’s new birthday present. Roscoe says he’s sorry, but Otter B is too upset to forgive his friend.

Otter B Friendly - When a family that’s new and different moves to the neighborhood, Otter B isn’t quite sure what to think. Will Otter B and his buddies make friends with this new arrival?

12 hardcover books

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