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This two-day broadcast features an amazing story of how one man and woman were dragged to the brink of death by their sins, but returned to share with many others, hoping to prevent them from taking the same journey. Jacqui Strothoff had been born into a loving, but non-Christian family. As she grew up, she felt an emptiness in herself and others and began looking for satisfaction in the wrong places. She tells of her involvement with alcohol, drugs and prostitution; getting married and pregnant at 15 with twins and the babies' stillbirth, resulting in her sterility. She recounts her addiction to heroin and cocaine and her brother's death by a drug overdose that she gave him. Then she heard the gospel, accepted Jesus as her Savior and was healed of her drug addiction. Jacqui finishes her account, by telling of her call to return to the streets to tell people that there is nothing Jesus cannot do and no one He cannot reach. She tells how she met her husband, Bob and miraculously was able to get pregnant twice. Then Bob gives his testimony. Bob was raised in a lower middle-class family, but rebelled and got involved with narcotics. He recounts some of the trouble he got himself into, how he became out of control with drugs and how he came to know and accept the Lord. 
Length: 55:47

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