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Would you like to improve the emotional intelligence of your kids? Signals offers a simple, relational approach to help you become aware of your emotions, their impact on others, and how to implement this technique in your home, school, or ministry.

While we can’t see the brain, it sends signals to us and those around us. Just as the colors of a traffic light send drivers a signal to go, slow down, or stop, our brains signal to our emotions and affect our behavior toward others.

In Signals, Cherilyn Orr introduces a common language and imagery to help everyone manage their emotions. Rooted in neuroscience and the Bible, this approach has been used around the world because its spans across all cultural contexts. Learn how to read these signals, become more aware of your emotions as well as your child’s, and understand how to respond based on the signal sent. For parents and educators, this approach is an easy-to-understand way to evaluate what’s going on with your child, mentally and emotionally, at any given moment to determine an appropriate response.

Signals is also useful for kids with special needs, including those with autism. Applying the technique can transform the relationships you have with your kids and set them on a lifelong trajectory of ever-increasing emotional intelligence.

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This is a must read

Melissa| 2022-06-26 12:45

This is an amazing read a must for all parents grandparents or anyone who has kids in their life This philosophy has been a game changer in our parenting and in our home

You'll Wish Your Parents Read This!

Douglas| 2022-07-18 8:51

Signals teaches a common, simplified language of brain science to teach emotional health and well-being. This moves emotions/emotional response from character to biology and this in turn helps greatly with relationships. Written for parents raising children, this book will benefit everyone! You'll wish you could have given it to your parents!

Red yellow and green “Signals” will grow your Brain and the Resilience you hope for!

Debbie Walsh| 2022-08-18 18:14

This is a life changing approach to how we deal with the emotions we all feel and deal with daily. For parents, grandparents, and all the other interpersonal connections that we want to see in positive successful relationships.

Great food for thought...

Pauline| 2022-11-21 7:19

My order arrived very quickly and I started reading it right away. I am about a third of the way through, and it has certainly caught my attention in understanding how to respond to some of the big emotions that we all have.

Birthday gift

Caroline| 2023-09-19 17:47

I read a bit through it and thought to offer it as a birthday gift to my daughter in law as she works in a school environnement it Will be of great asset to her.

Worth the read

M Burns| 2023-09-21 16:44

I'm only a couple chapters in but this book is excellent!! I dont know about you but emotions were not freely shared nor did I learn healthy habits to work through them. This book is very good for both parents and children. I also appreciate the science used to back up the information given. If emotions are a struggle personally or within your family I recommend reading... and even if they weren't haha.


susieq| 2023-10-21 9:58

I am only half way through the book , I wish I had read it 50 - 60 years ago when my children were young. I plan to pass it on to my grand children as they raise my 14 great grand children