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The Chosen Book One, paperback

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When Augustus Ceasar became Emperor of Rome, Judea was made a Roman province. For 400 years the prophets of Israel had been silent. Priests read the Scriptures aloud in the synagogues while Roman officers patrolled the streets, heavily taxing the Hebrews.

The prophecies whispered of a coming Messiah who would save God’s people.

This novel develops and expands upon the people and story lines in Season 1 of the TV series The Chosen. The events portrayed revolve around Jesus and people with whom He came in contact, including those He chose to be His disciples and their families, beginning with the shepherds to whom His birth was announced by the angels.

Special features:

• The official and only novelization of the immensely popular TV series, which has been seen in every country in the world, with over 50 million views.
• The latest fiction from Jerry Jenkins, perhaps the bestselling Christian novelist of recent times
• Includes full-color still images from the TV series

320 pages

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews

very helpful

Donna| 2021-04-16 17:40

The book helped me to identify actors. Also the descriptive paragraphs made it easier to recognize the scenes.

Great purchase

Dan Evans| 2021-05-21 6:06

Great addition to DVD series, as always Jerry masterfully writes what we seen on the screen.

Not adhering to what is written in Scripture.

Jules| 2021-06-10 11:46

I was very disappointed. It is very well done, but doesn't follow Scripture, and presents stories that, while very well done, are fictional. I should have checked the veracity before purchasing. I guess I thought it would be based on Scripture. My bad.

The Chosen

Dot| 2023-12-06 17:00

All 3 books I bought for a Christian Huritite family who just love this series. They will be so thrilled to get them! Thanks