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1-Minute Gratitude Journal

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Kids will discover how to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness through the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal, an interactive guide to helping children reflect on the good in every day and appreciate the positive things in their lives.

From giggly playdates to favorite meals to family game night, kids have a lot to enjoy in the world around them. With its interactive elements and kid-friendly layout, the 1-Minute Gratitude Journal helps children explore their feelings and focus on life's blessings—a daily practice that will provide benefits for years to come. In fact, scientific research shows that children who practice an attitude of gratitude experience tremendous physical and psychological benefits, including: 

  • Higher levels of happiness and self-esteem 
  • Reduced anxiety Better sleep A greater ability to empathize with others 
  • Even a stronger immune system! 
  • But the greatest benefit of practicing gratitude is the habit of recognizing God's goodness from a young age.

176 pages


Ratings & Reviews


T| 2021-11-17 10:50

My 8 year old loves this! Would definitely recommend.

Great find!

A. Houle| 2021-12-02 17:54

I was very impressed with this gratitude journal. It is simple, easy to understand with fun options to either draw or write while learning biblical truths.

Great idea for children who have EVERYTHING!

Grammie Lou| 2021-12-03 6:21

I received these in very timely fashion (earlier than expected) and they look wonderful. Can't wait to give them to my grand daughters for Christmas. They will love them!

Its a yes

Shirley Racz| 2021-12-06 10:01

I have just taken a quick look but think it will be a good activity for the 10 year old boy I have in mind.

Grateful for the Gratitude Journal

Linda| 2021-12-29 18:57

I thought that this book is a fun way for kids to learn about gratitude and thinking about what being grateful means in their everyday life. I bought one for a six year old that I babysit and we do it together, as she reads the instructions to me I do it in my notebook while she does it in her book. Right now we do it on video chat and she is excited to do it every evening. I think it is a great learning tool while having fun❣️👍👏😀

Attitude Book

Margaret| 2021-12-30 16:21

I was disappointed .I bought these gratitude books for young children .These books would be fine for teens but my grandkids are 4,5,8 The problem for me was the way it was presented .Age appropiate data should have been stated.They are lovely for kids who can write and express their thoughts .I did not send them .They live away


Lisa| 2022-01-07 21:07

I bought these as Christmas gifts for my grandchildren and they seem to like them. I liked it for its simplicity and message. Hopefully they will use it.

Fun for the Whole Family! Helps us all Connect and even be grateful for each other.

Naomi| 2022-02-08 7:39

We are actually doing this as a family. After reading a chapter in a book together, (the Karen Kingsbury CHILDREN series) we read a page of the gratitude journal and share what we are grateful for. Pages that say "draw", the children got creative and each drew a small picture in the section so there was space for all to draw, if they wanted to. They enjoy taking turned being the one to writes down the answers too. We encourage them to think of the "why" they are grateful also. What the consequences are of not having the thing, person or situation they are grateful for. It has also been nice to hear how we are grateful for each other. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge or just don't think to encourage one another as a reminder of how loved and special we are. This was been very nice for all of us. Even little things like, grateful so-and-so reminded me I forgot my lunchbox on the counter... so I wasn't hungry at school. :)

Simple and effective

M| 2022-03-25 16:03

Does the job, but I think writing down 3 things a day would do just as well, didn't find that the extras added anything to the experience.

Cute but more than a minute

Emily| 2023-09-03 17:01

Cute little book but it takes more than 1 minute!