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Braver, Stronger, Smarter

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Want to know something? Girls who worry the most are some of the smartest, kindest girls around. The worry you feel happens because you care deeply about things and people. You try hard and want to do the right thing, which is wonderful. But it's not fun to feel pressure, is it? That's why Sissy Goff wrote this book. To help you know how brave and strong and smart you really are.

Whether you're a mom, dad, aunt, or grandmother, you can help the girl you love overcome her worry and anxiety. This interactive guide--created for elementary-age girls but helpful for all ages--teaches you and your girl practical ways to work through overwhelming emotions. With fun stories and writing and drawing prompts to guide her, your girl will feel empowered, knowing she is deeply loved by a God who is bigger than her fears.

96 pages


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Too Wordy for Kids

Jenny| 2020-09-12 16:41

This book was much to wordy and even though the content was great my daughter wouldn't read it.

Helpful, useful counseling guidance for kids

Trisha| 2020-10-11 18:26

Fabulous book! Very applicable for young girls struggling with anxiety (and boys too). We have used many of the suggested tools and tips from the book for both my kids during anxious triggers and stress. I would highly recommend this book!

toolkit for all

Jackie| 2021-01-11 4:32

A toolkit of strategies for me and my girls. This book is best done alongside a parent, and not read on a child's own. This book was a gift to me during COVID19 and taught me coping strategies for my own stressors, and now I'm doing it with my 8 year old. THANKYOU FOCUS! I'm back on here to buy another :)

Wonderful book for girls!

Chelsey| 2021-02-19 17:37

My 10 year old daughter is really enjoying this book. After the first chapter she exclaimed "this book was written just for me!" She loves the drawing activities connected to the lessons and I love that she can work on it by herself, but we also enjoy working through it together. It has given me a lot of insight to her worries and the book has helped her find words to share her anxieties.

Tools to overcome worry & anxiety

Cindy| 2021-02-25 8:34

Great workbook for girls to help overcome worry & anxiety and learn about the "Worry Monster" It gives girls tools to use so they can empower themselves to fight the monster despite their fears. It helps girls understand what worry is, and what to do to help work through it. It is interactive with pictures to draw, examples , Q & A pages. Great resource for those struggling, or someone wanting to know more about anxiety and how it can be addressed. I like the way it uses scripture and positive messages knowing that God is bigger than their fears. I'm getting a copy for each of my granddaughters. This is a timely book as there is so much fear in our world today. I highly recommend.