C.S. Lewis at War

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Mere Christianity, one of the greatest Christian books of the twentieth century, was created as a series of radio broadcasts in a time of great conflict and adversity. England had gone to war with Germany. Injury and death impacted everyone. Day-to-day living was immensely difficult. Children were evacuated from London and sent to other parts of the country (Lewis himself took in a few). It was a time of strain, heartbreak, and weariness.

The leaders at the BBC knew the nation needed a moral underpinning to face the crisis and embarked on an aggressive program to provide it. So they commissioned some of the greatest Christian minds to step up. Dorothy Sayers and Lewis agreed to help. From Sayers came the classic radio series Man Born To Be King and from Lewis the now-famous Broadcast Talks that became Mere Christianity. This behind-the-scenes drama integrates the ideas Lewis explored in Mere Christianity with the very real impact of living out a Christian life in a period of trauma: the conflicts pressed hard against the times of grace, compassion, the love of Christ shown to neighbors, and the reasons to trust in God when the world screams otherwise. This Radio Theatre production also touches on the essentials the faith and worldview, not merely as an academic exercise, but as a true life experience.

Enjoy a gripping audio dramatization of Lewis' personal story behind the broadcast that woud later be published as Mere Christianity, then hear a dramatic reading of the book that has spoken to generations.

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I am buying additional copies to lend out

Edmund Reinhardt| 2015-05-27 10:00:00

I read Mere Christianity as a youth, and was favourably impressed. But now as a mature adult with pastoral responsibilities and active in evangelism, I am totally blown away by how CS Lewis disarms the post-Christian listener and with a very lucid and hard to refute approach makes Christianity the only reasonable explanation and solution to the question of "Who is Man?" I thoroughly enjoyed the back story and it helped me appreciate Mere Chrisitianity even more, as well give me insight into the formation of the Narnia series. My enthusiasm as a youth was dampened by CS Lewis sidestepping of issues of Christian dogma. But now I appreciate him getting to the core for all without any excuses or hindrances of background. I pray that it helps many to find Christ for themselves personally and to undergo a thorough divinely wrought repentance as is described.