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Cul-de-Sac Kids Collection One: Books 1-6

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Blossom Hill Lane is the best neighborhood ever--mostly because of the kids who live there, and the fun they share. Join Abby, Jason, Dunkum, Stacy, and their friends as they learn together with the rest of the Cul-de-Sac Kids the value of friendship and faith.

The Double Dabble Surprise Abby can't wait to meet her new Korean sisters. But the plane arrives without the girls. What happened to them?

The Chicken Pox Panic Abby plans a birthday cake her brother will never forget. Can she keep it a surprise? Or will her little sister's big mouth get in the way?

The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery It's almost Christmas, and Eric is spying on the new neighbor. Something very strange is happening with Mr. Tressler's Christmas tree!

No Grown-Ups Allowed Jason's parents are going away for Valentine's day weekend, and Grandma is coming!Can he trick her into letting him stay up late?

Frog Power It's Pet Day at school, but Stacy isn't happy. Jason has brought his new bullfrog, Croaker. Can Stacy master her fear of frogs in time for the Easter pet parade?

The Mystery of Case D. Luc When Dunkum's prized basketball disappears, he finds a note from someone with a weird name. Can he crack the code to find out who has stolen his ball?

352 pages

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I love it

Linda| 2021-09-19 18:27

The book is for my granddaughter & I believe that it's great!

Collection of Fun Stories for Children

J.| 2022-07-12 10:11

Enjoyable stories for young children. Has nice large print for easy reading and some good illustrations. We will place it in our children's library at church.