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Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage Group Video Experience

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Typical marital arguments include money, sex, and kids. What if conflict in marriage could be a good thing? In this counterintuitive 6-session DVD series, marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley support that fighting is actually healthy for a marriage. Based upon their book, Fight Your Way To A Better Marriage, this small group curriculum emphasizes that when couples fight, they have the opportunity to get to the real issue that is lurking below the surface. Therefore, if handled well, arguments have the potential to create greater understanding, trust, and connection within a couple's relationship. Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage Kit is the perfect program to help married couples turn their everyday conflicts into opportunities for satisfaction.

Session 1: State of Your Heart
Session 2: Safety
Session 3: The Reactive Cycle
Session 4: Personal Responsibility 
Session 5: L.U.V.E. Talk
Session 6: Teamwork

Kit includes 1 leader's guide and 1 participant's guide.
Approx 3 hours


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Great Marriage Study

Robert| 2017-01-24 9:20:00

My wife and I are into our second season of presenting this study to our church small groups. We have found that limiting the group to four couples keeps it very intimate and allows everyone to feel comfortable to open up about conflict in their own marriages. The Smalley's have put together this often humorous adventure of their own lives and how they themselves learned God's way of dealing with martial conflict Which WILL rear it head. You will learn how to recognize and battle martial conflict in your own marriages in a safe and productive method. We have come so far since studying the material available in the kit. God bless