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Adventures in Odyssey #14: Meanwhile, In Another Part of Town

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Clear the streets and stay off the sidewalks! Connie attempts to teach Eugene how to drive! Out of harm's way, new private eye Harlow Doyle sets up shop in town, while George and Jimmy step into the Imagination Station for an adventure beyond belief. 

Volume 14 contains the following stories (and themes):
  • Moses: The Passover, Part 1 and 2 (faithfulness; power of God; priorities)
  • Peacemaker (making peace)
  • Sixties-Something (the consequences of the 60's)
  • A Tongue of Fire (the power of the tongue)
  • A License to Drive (helping one another)
  • Father's Day (the consequence of divorce)
  • Harlow Doyle, Private Eye (keeping one's faith)
  • The Midnight Ride (patriotism)
  • Treasure Hunt (priorities)
  • Feud for Thought (bitterness/family relations)
  • Timmy's Cabin (trusting God)

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For children and grandchildren

Janeta Vandertmeulen| 2023-12-26 4:40

We bought these for our children years ago, now we are buying them for our grandchildren, and they love them. There is a lot of great teaching in these,