Person of Interest

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Can the truth about Jesus be uncovered--even without a body or a crime scene? Join cold-case detective and bestselling author J. Warner Wallace as he investigates Jesus using an innovative and unique approach he employs to solve real missing person murder cases.

In Person of Interest, Wallace carefully sifts through the evidence from history alone, without relying on the New Testament. You'll understand like never before how Jesus, the most significant person in history, changed the world.

  • Join a cold-case detective as he uncovers the truth about Jesus using the same approach he employs to solve real murder cases
  • Marvel at the way Jesus changed the world as you investigate why Jesus still matters today
  • Learn how to use an innovative and unique "fuse and fallout" investigative strategy that you can also use to examine other claims of history
  • Explore and learn how to respond to common objections to Christianity
  • Detective J. Warner Wallace listened to a pastor talk about Jesus and wondered why anyone would think Jesus was a person of interest.
Wallace was skeptical of the Bible, but he’d investigated several no-body homicide cases in which there was no crime scene, no physical evidence, and no victim's body. Could the historical life and actions of Jesus be investigated in the same way?

In Person of Interest, Wallace describes his own personal investigative journey from atheism to Christianity as he carefully considers the evidence. Creative, compelling, and fully illustrated, Person of Interest will strengthen the faith of believers while engaging those who are skeptical and distrusting of the New Testament.

336 pages

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Truth Revealed With Unnumbered Genuine Facts: The Person of Interest is Real

Gladys| 2022-08-28 20:21

This book was super interesting, thrilling, right on , and super, in an easy reading mode

Person of Interest

H.| 2023-01-21 18:32

Very interesting. I learned alot.

Christ means more than ever….

Phil| 2023-01-27 11:23

Comparing a 10 year cold case during his investigation of Jesus Christ kept the reading momentum going. I did not realize the scope of the historical changes that took place in this sin sick world when the Lord & all His children turned the world upside down in so many ways, including His most important purpose ….. becoming the Saviour of sinners & a sure home in heaven. “Our names are written in heaven”….praise God

A page turner!

Jeremy| 2023-02-20 7:00

For a nonfiction book about information spanning millenniums, it took effort to put it down and let the knowledge sink in. The compelling logic is sure to spark the Christian apologetic spirit within you. Revealing two cold cases side by side through the book, one for Christ and one from his past profession, Wallace makes an ironclad case for each. Also note there isn’t an excess of words to make the point and plenty of visuals. Now that I think about it, one can imagine it as a “murder board” and that you’re on the team with him. Bottom line is that in a world that denies Christ at every turn, this book reveals that Christ is completely infused into our daily lives. Atheist, religious, scientist, Christian or otherwise.

Factual Life of our Saviour

Debbie| 2023-07-12 18:38

I bought this book as a gift for my brother who is not a believer. I got two as I wanted to read it first before giving it to him. Its proof to be exactly what I was hoping for proving that our God exist. Brillantly written, easy to read and very factual.