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RVL Discipleship: The Study - Season 1 (Streaming Video)

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In RVL Discipleship: The Study, join renowned teacher and Bible scholar Ray Vander Laan as he examines what it means to be a follower of Christ through the cultural, historical, and otherwise contextual lens of Scripture.

Jesus’ original disciples really knew their Bible. As modern-day followers of Christ, it is vitally important that we value Scripture in the same way. Season 1 of The Study outlines how we are meant to interact with the Text: 1) approaching it from the context in which it was written; 2) exploring how Jesus used the Scriptures in His teaching; 3) understanding how His followers were meant to be changed by what they learned; and 4) identifying the major paradigm that ties the whole Bible together.


- Unlimited access to all 10 episodes
- Downloadable leader guide (included as an attachment in your digital download)
- Downloadable participant study guide (included as an attachment in your digital download)

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A Valid Suggestion

Carole Peterson| 2024-04-05 9:50

PLEASE< PLEASE put this new addition RVL in DVD format. This is the request of a senior who has the initial DVD 16 Set - that I use a Bible Study items with friends. I can go back and watch again! I'm not as "techy" as the younger generation. And please note - that the senior population in Canada is increasing! You do have a market area in us.