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The Hiding Place, Young Reader's Edition

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The True Story of a Real-Life Hero

It's World War II. Darkness has fallen over Europe as the Nazis spread hatred, fear and war across the globe. But on a quiet city corner in the Netherlands, one woman fights against the darkness. In her quiet watchmaking shop, she and her family risk their lives to hide Jews, and others hunted by the Nazis, in a secret room, a "hiding place" that they built in the old building.

One day, however, Corrie and her family are betrayed. They're captured and sent to the notorious Nazi concentration camps to die. Yet even in that darkest of places, Corrie still fights.

This is her story--and the story of how faith, hope and love ultimately triumphed over unthinkable evil.

192 pages


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Great historical stuff, must read!

Oksana| 2021-01-19 18:36

Great true story, I’ve read it in the past and when I saw it was for the young readers I jumped on the opportunity for my 9 year old son. However there are lots of Names/international words to pronounce so my son opted for “Mom read aloud VIP sessions”! 😊 Great, great historical stuff! I saw myself walking through the pages in the old watchmakers place...Teaches about grace and forgiveness in difficult times. Also my son is a very advanced reader.

Great read for 11 year old

Kristina| 2021-05-07 19:21

Bought this book for my daughter, age 11 who doesn't like to read. She didn't want to put it down and finished it in a few days.