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Teen's Guide to Face-to-Face Connections in a Screen-to-Screen World

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What if your phone truly helped you connect with people more than disconnect with those around you?
You CAN dare to be relationally different in a screen-to-screen culture.
But. . .honestly, I like my phone.
So what should I do?
You probably enjoy screens but don’t want them hurting your relationships with the people who matter most, right?  What if you could improve your face-to-face relationships, develop deeper connections, resolve conflict, and confidently communicate with friends, parents, teachers, roommates, coworkers, potential employers and even the barista at your local coffee shop?

What if you paused to think before you posted, avoiding some of the hurt and consequences that almost always lead to regret after?

What if you became a master of your own screen-time instead of letting it master you?

What if you became more screen-wise?

40 real-life realizations including. . .

* Your phone doesn’t have an UNSEND button.

Texting is a dumb way to manage conflict.

We all need a digital detox every once in a while.

192 pages

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Very helpful book

Anna| 2020-12-20 7:29

I received the book very quickly and I appreciate the customer service. And it is a very useful book that you can read with your teenager child to think about the importance of face to face connection. Thank you so much!!