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The Watchmaker's Daughter

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New York Times bestselling author and master of nonfiction spy thrillers Larry Loftis writes the first major biography of Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch watchmaker who saved the lives of hundreds of Jews during WWII—at the cost of losing her family and being sent to a concentration camp, only to survive, forgive her captors, and live the rest of her life as a Christian missionary.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter is one of the greatest stories of World War II that readers haven’t heard: the remarkable and inspiring life story of Corrie ten Boom—a groundbreaking, female Dutch watchmaker, whose family unselfishly transformed their house into a hiding place straight out of a spy novel to shelter Jews and refugees from the Nazis during Gestapo raids. Even though the Nazis knew what the ten Booms were up to, they were never able to find those sheltered within the house when they raided it.

Corrie stopped at nothing to face down the evils of her time and overcame unbelievable obstacles and odds. She persevered despite the loss of most of her family and relied on her faith to survive the horrors of a notorious concentration camp. But even more remarkable than her heroism and survival was Corrie’s attitude when she was released. Miraculously, she was able to eschew bitterness and embrace forgiveness as she ministered to people in need around the globe. Corrie’s ability to forgive is just one of the myriad lessons that her life story holds for readers today.

Reminiscent of Schindler’s List and featuring a journey of faith and forgiveness not unlike Unbroken, The Watchmaker’s Daughter is destined to become a classic work of World War II nonfiction.

384 pages

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Caroline| 2024-01-13 20:00

Loved the new "version" of an older timeless story .... great!

A well written and factual account of the Ten Boom family

Barbara Heal| 2024-03-08 8:54

This was a wonderfully written account of the Ten Booms and their courageous hiding of Jewish people during WWll. I liked that it was factual and that it told of others who were working to save Jewish people and to share Christ, even with the enemy. We, who did not experience such horrors, can not fathom what happened in the concentration camps, but the author did a good job of telling like it was. I was impressed that it was very factual. We tend to elevate Corrie because of her deep faith in God and her bravery so it was good to read of her struggle with forgiveness, but that she was able to do just that. Over all this book was well written and completely factual. I’ll read it again and pass it on to others.