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Adventures in Odyssey The Ultimate Road Trip

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Fasten your seat belts and settle in for a road trip adventure with the folks from Odyssey. Whether it’s surfing with Rodney Rathbone in Hawaii, running from a mad bull with Eugene Meltsner in Mexico, or chasing down a family fortune with Wooton Bassett in Alaska, you never know what will happen next! Along the way, the Barclay family learns about family togetherness on their best vacation ever, the Washingtons solve a mystery while stranded in a long-forgotten ghost town, and Bernard Walton discovers a map to an underground river of gold! Don’t miss the on-ramp to more than six hours of nonstop action and character-building fun for the whole family in our Ultimate Road Trip collection!

Episodes included - 

  • Family Vacation, Parts 1 & 2 – #2 The Wildest Summer Ever
  • Our Best Vacation Ever – #5 Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes
  • Camp What-A-Nut, Parts 1 and 2 – #2 The Wildest Summer Ever
  • The Barclay Ski Vacation - #7 On Thin Ice
  • Train Ride – The Lost Episodes
  • The Cross of Cortes, 1 & 2 - #12 At Home and Abroad
  • Feud for Thought - #14 Meanwhile, In Another Part of Town
  • It Happened at Four Corners – #21 Wish You Were Here
  • Mystery at Tin Flat - #40 Out of Control
  • Aloha, Oy!, 1-3 - #19 Passport to Adventure
  • Bassett Hounds - #40 Out of Control
  • Black Clouds - #41 In Hot Pursuit
  • The Champ of the Camp - #45 Lost & Found

6 CDs

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too expensive

anonymous| 2019-09-03 22:37:00

crazy expensive i only get1000 a monthly

Great listening!

Scott| 2020-06-06 8:41

Love this one of Bernard and Eugene road trip to California. So funny. Great job!


Rain| 2021-02-14 16:55

My son loves them!!! I actually really enjoy the humor too! We’re all ready to order another set!

Summer Road Trip!

D| 2021-06-03 4:37

My daughter can listen to The Adventures in Odyssey 24/7. We all enjoy hearing the wonderful layered rich stories. Morals being taught in each episode. Thank you for this purposed entertainment for her to grow in. Well done! We are saving this for a real road trip.