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Adventures in Odyssey Young Whit & the Thieves of Barrymore Book #3

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In Young Whit and the Thieves of Barrymore, the third book in the series, Johnny’s family adjusts to his stepmother Fiona’s blindness due to a riding accident. Johnny and his father, Harold, also discover more about the old journal and the mysterious cloth that seems to heal people miraculously. Meanwhile, Johnny and his friend Emmy investigate as mysterious strangers move into town. Are the strangers planning to rob the town’s bank?

The Young Whit series welcomes newcomers to the Adventures in Odyssey universe, introducing them to the history of the much-loved character John Avery Whittaker. For readers who are already fans of Adventures in Odyssey, the novels provide the history of the franchise’s central character. 

272 pages


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11 year olds favourite

Brad| 2020-08-28 19:11

My favourite in the series. I loved the detectives that solve mysteries. It taught me that I can trust God even when things are hard and not to drive cars when you’re under 18!!

Mystery and interesting

Esther| 2024-05-30 17:22

Overall, I love the mystery and how smart Whit was when he was young.