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Adventures in Odyssey #8: Beyond Expectations (Download)

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Expect The Unexpected

The town of Odyssey is abuzz. Is Curt really giving everyone free ice cream? Who stole $100 from the Whit's End cash register? And forget all that...is Mr. Whittaker really getting married?!? The kids in Odyssey find the answers in this exciting collection, with parables on superstitions, not-so-innocent games, and more.

Volume 8 contains the following episodes (and themes):

  • By Any Other Name (deception)
  • Bad Luck (superstition)
  • 'A' Is for Attitude (positive thinking)
  • First Love (choices in dating)
  • Curious, Isn't It? (nosiness)
  • Suspicious Minds (trust)
  • Pranks for the Memories (consequences of practical jokes)
  • Missing Person (loving the “unloveable”)
  • Castles and Cauldrons 1 & 2 (dangers of role-playing fantasy games)
  • The Winning Edge (competition)
  • All's Well with Boswell (responsibility)

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Album Length: 5:17:30

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Truly the best imagination station!

Mommy-boo| 2021-09-10 20:40

My 2 girls & I love listening to Odyssey. As a parent I love that it teaches godly behaviours and includes verses from the scripture. Some of the series are funny & suspenseful. We are very happy with our purchases. At first, we were listening to series in different order. Then, we got curious on how each of the character was introduced to Odyssey so we decided to begin listening from album #1 and to continue to listen in order so that we don’t miss anything lol. We will continue to purchase the albums in order until we finish them all. I hope they continue to make more albums :-)