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Adventures in Odyssey #6: Mission: Accomplished (Download)

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Mysterious Missions With Biblical Implications

Everyone in Odyssey is on some kind of mission. Are we talking undercover work — or something a lot more important?

Jimmy's offer to help missionaries lands him in the jungles of Central America, while Robyn has to find the Treasure of LeMonde before it's too late!

Volume 6 contains the following episodes (and themes):
  • The Ill-Gotten Deed (sibling rivalry)
  • The Treasure of Le Monde! (consequences of greed)
  • The Price of Freedom (history: the Vietnam war)
  • That's Not Fair! (true meaning of fairness)
  • Good Business (being conscientious)
  • An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper (reconciliation)
  • A Prisoner for Christ (forgiveness, the book of Philemon)
  • A Mission for Jimmy (importance of missions)
  • Rescue from Manatugo Point (relying on God in difficult times)
  • Operation: DIGOUT (witnessing)
  • Elijah 1 & 2 (the power of faith, reliance on God)

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Tracks in Album: 19 Album Length: 5:27:16

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Wholesome Entertainment

Tina| 2021-08-13 12:30

Our kids love AIO, and this recent purchase did not disappoint! They enjoy hearing the stories over and over again, which gives a chance for the Biblical application to stick a little more! My husband and I also enjoy these ageless messages of faith, obedience and trust! Thank you, Focus, for always being a trusted resource in my own life, as well as for my family, and for helping raise the next generation through this wholesome entertainment!

Truly the best imagination station

Mommy-boo| 2021-09-10 20:42

My 2 girls & I love listening to Odyssey. As a parent I love that it teaches godly behaviours and includes verses from the scripture. Some of the series are funny & suspenseful. We are very happy with our purchases. At first, we were listening to series in different order. Then, we got curious on how each of the character was introduced to Odyssey so we decided to begin listening from album #1 and to continue to listen in order so that we don’t miss anything lol. We will continue to purchase the albums in order until we finish them all. I hope they continue to make more albums :-)