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Adventures in Odyssey #36: Danger Signals

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Something sinister is brewing the quiet town of Odyssey. And it's not just the usual fast one by resident rogue Bart Rathbone. A strange sense of foreboding is in the air, and not even Whit can put his finger on it. The kids are flocking to the hot new after-school place; while back at Whit's End, the windows are collecting dust—the ones that aren't being smashed, that is. Things haven't been the saem since media conglomerate Novacom moved in. Even Connie turns to much whenever Novacom's new hire, Robert Mitchell, is around. Are the kids—maybe even Odyssey itself—losing that small-town innocence that always kept them out of harm's way?

Volume 36 contains the following stories (and themes):

  • The W.E. (discernment)
  • Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips (judging others)
  • Snow Day (perseverance)
  • The Triangle, Parts 1 and 2 (forgiveness)
  • Broken Window (jumping to conclusions)
  • Chains, Parts 1 and 2 (earning trust)
  • Break a Leg (appreciating what you have)
  • Fifteen Minutes (the folly of fame)
  • Welcoming Wooton (giftedness)
  • Breaking Point (choosing the best over the good) 

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