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The Magnificent Mulligans Book #3: Smoke in the Air!

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From bestselling author Bill Myers comes another hilarious, warmhearted, and action-packed adventure starring the Mulligan family.

Still used to life on the streets, Hector is having a hard time fitting in at school, unless you count regular fights with other boys as “fitting in.” But now he’s got a few friends who seem willing to accept him . . . if he can prove he belongs. But the actions of this gang may prove perilous for the Mulligan Wild Animal Park. Can he learn to make better choices in the friends he hangs out with and accept the grace and love of his new family?

Speaking of grace, Janelle is learning to extend bucketloads of it to the girl who plays her sister in the school musical: the snobby, super rich Chloe Richardson. But now a message from home informs Janelle that she’ll need to spend even more time with Chloe. Can she survive the night with the all-pro mean girl?

Meanwhile, back at the animal park, the rest of the Mulligans are dealing with one emergency after another when a wildfire breaks out in the grasslands of the park. Many of the animals need to be evacuated to another location. Now the Mulligans must do what they do best: work together to make sure everyone gets home safe.

176 pages

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Magnificent magnificent Mulligans!

Karen Kroll| 2024-04-04 17:43

My oldest granddaughter enjoyed the first two Magnificent Mulligans novels that we gave her for Christmas so much that we gave her books 3 & 4 for Easter instead of a basket of chocolate eggs. ( She did get a chocolate rabbit.) I enjoyed the books, too. I will encourage the rest of my grandchildren to read them, too.