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Unmasking Emotional Abuse: Start the Healing

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The first step in escaping emotional abuse is recognizing it for what it is. In this book, Dr. Gregory Jantz explains the telltale signs of emotionally abusive relationships. With practical and biblical advice, Dr. Jantz helps you find an exit door out of abuse. This book will also show you how to create and stick to healthy boundaries to prevent emotional abuse before it begins.

120 pages

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Great Abuse Awareness Tool

Anke| 2024-03-06 16:58

This book should become part of the school curriculum, so that everyone will be aware of what is going on when being abused and will be able to recognize it and stop it. I see many signs in public places, stating that abusive behaviour is not tolerated, but without clear definitions, it can be hard to pinpoint. I wish I had read this as a young adult.